High Bills

Seasonal outdoor watering (particularly with an in-ground irrigation system) and leaks account for the majority of the high bill calls we receive. Misread meters (either high or low) are very rare. If you receive a bill larger than expected, it may be time to check for leaks and assess how you're using water. Leaks around the home are most often the cause of high bills.

To help you determine what may have caused your higher-than-normal water usage, check your daily water usage data in Usage & Services. In Usage & Services, you can:

  • View Daily Water Usage: With the Connect "view usage details" feature, you can get a detailed look at your water usage data.
  • Set Water Usage Alerts: Also using the Connect "View usage details" feature, you can set up water usage alerts. It's easy!

Please note that WaterOne employees are unable to inspect your home for leaks.  Learn more about homeowner responsibility

Outdoor Watering Tips

In-ground irrigation systems irrigate quickly. Therefore, apply no more water than the ground can absorb, usually a 1/4" per watering. Shorter periods reduce run-off and allow for better absorption every time you water.

Always double-check your sprinkler system settings. Newer irrigation controllers are sometimes difficult to set and have multiple programs. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Call your irrigation professional or refer to your owner's manual.

Irrigation systems can be costly to operate. Be sure to minimize the expense and maximize the results by understanding how your system works and how much water is consumed with each usage.

WaterOne suggests that customers follow the Smart Watering schedule.