Homeowner Responsibility

WaterOne is responsible for maintaining and replacing water mains throughout its service area, while property owners are responsible for their service line, ensuring access to water meters for reading and maintenance, and internal plumbing equipment such as pressure-reducing valves (PRV).

Service Lines

WaterOne is not responsible for repairing the water line between the service connection and the home.

Many homeowners' insurance policies do not cover water line repairs. To verify whether water damage and water line repairs are covered in your policy, contact your insurance company.

If you're interested in water line warranty coverage, check out HomeServe. Emergency assistance for disadvantaged customers may also be available through the HomeServe Cares program.

WaterOne is not responsible for water damage that occurs, whether from a property's internal plumbing or as a result of a water main break. Read more about damage claims.

Water Utility's responsibility to make repairs to the water main

Meter Pits

In addition to the service line, the property owner is also responsible to maintain clear access to the meters. Meter pits often look like little manholes; underneath, they house the meters and protect them from the elements.

Meters are usually located in the front yard but are sometimes close to the house. To ensure that meters are accessible and that your landscaping is unaffected, we recommend that you not landscape within several feet of the meter pit. Do not block or cover the meter pit with shrubbery, ground cover, lawn ornaments, flower pots, or other structures. Take care to not park on top of the meter pit either, blocking access.

Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)

Inside your home, a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) modulates water pressure to safeguard your internal plumbing. Fitted to the water supply main, the PRV constricts incoming water so that even if the supply pressure fluctuates, you only feel a constant flow of water at a functional pressure.

Building codes require PRVs for structures with water pressure at 80 psi and above. Occasionally, WaterOne will need to make adjustments to its distribution system which may increase your water pressure. Though often temporary and subtle, if the change is permanent or significant we will attempt to notify you ahead of time.

If water pressure increases in your area, you may need to install a PRV if you do not have one. These can be purchased at most hardware stores or can be installed by a plumber.