Financial Support Resources

Sometimes life can throw a lot at you. WaterOne is here to help.

I May Not Be Able to Pay My Bill Before It Is Due

If you are not able to pay your water bill on time, please contact WaterOne as soon as possible at 913-895-1800, by email, or through Usage & Services. We may be able to offer an extended payment arrangement, and help you avoid a water turn-off due to non-payment.

I Need Financial Assistance to Pay My Bill

Residents in Johnson County who need additional help with their utility bills are strongly encouraged to contact Johnson County Human Services about the Utility Assistance Program. Qualifying households may be eligible for financial assistance for bills such as electric, water, and gas. WaterOne is a supporting partner of the Utility Assistance Program, and has increased contributions to the fund so that more customers can access financial assistance for their water bills.

Qualifying households may also be eligible for utility assistance through the Emergency Water Assistance Program, a temporary federally funded program that is being administered for Kansas residents by the Kansas Department for Children and Families.

If you know of someone who is struggling financially, you are welcome to make an anonymous contribution towards their WaterOne balance. Contact WaterOne Customer Service for more information.

My Bill Is Much Higher Than Expected

If you've received an unexpectedly high water bill, an undetected leak on your property may be causing more water usage than you are aware of. Troubleshoot your home for leaks, view your usage on Usage & Services, or contact WaterOne Customer Service to double-check your water usage history.

My Home's Service Line or Plumbing Needs Repairs That I Can't Afford

Homeowners are responsible for repairs and maintenance to their property's plumbing and service line. However, assistance may be available for qualifying households in need of critical repairs.

  • Johnson County Human Services:
    • The Minor Home Rehabilitation Program assists eligible Johnson County homeowners with home repairs and provides limited accessibility modifications for eligible persons with a disability.
    • The HOME Program helps eligible Johnson County homeowners bring their properties into compliance with local housing codes.
  • HomeServe Cares: WaterOne partners with service line warranty provider HomeServe USA. The HomeServe Cares Foundation offers support for eligible homeowners who do not have warranty coverage and find themselves facing a home emergency they are unable to handle financially.
  • Habitat For Humanity KC: For residents struggling to afford critical repairs to their home, support may be available from Habitat For Humanity of Kansas City. Families can be nominated for assistance at the Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City website. WaterOne supports Habitat For Humanity of Kansas City with donations and employee volunteer days, funded at no cost to WaterOne ratepayers.