Access to Your Property

WaterOne employees and authorized contractors must have free and unimpeded access to utility easements and meter equipment outside the structure. In most cases, the access is for inspection, repairs, meter reading, meter installation and maintenance.

Identifying WaterOne Employees

Occasionally, a WaterOne employee may come to your door regarding your service or work in the area. You may also see meter readers in your neighborhood. They sometimes come close to your home or business in order to read the meter.

Reading Meters

No meter readers need to come inside to read the meter. For the limited number of older meters still located inside a home or business, we read them remotely from outside the house.

Collecting Payments

WaterOne will never ask for payment or payment information at the door. We may drop a note stating that payment is due in order for service to continue. The note outlines the methods of payment we accept.

Sampling Water

Occasionally, WaterOne staff may visit homes or businesses and come inside with your permission to take water samples required by regulation to ensure our water system meets and exceeds quality standards. When prior arrangements have been made we may also visit to follow up on water quality issues, cross connections, and backflow inspection.


On rare occasions, our water sampling staff may knock on your door without calling ahead to ask for your voluntary help with collecting a water sample from inside your home. This occurs only when our prior arrangements for water sampling fall through and we are required to take samples from a specific neighborhood to ensure water quality.

This is the only scenario where we would arrive unannounced and ask to (or agree to) come inside your home. To ensure your safety and the safety of our employee, the employee should be wearing marked clothing, drive a marked vehicle, and present you with a WaterOne photo identification. You are also welcome to contact Customer Service at 913-895-1800 to verify the identity of the employee before inviting him or her in.

Except for the scenarios described above, WaterOne employees are not permitted to come inside to check for common leaks or other issues, even at your invitation. Also, no WaterOne employee would ask to enter your home to use the restroom, take a break, etc. We follow this policy for the safety and courtesy of our customers and employees.

How Do I Know It's WaterOne?

  1. Most WaterOne employees who will be working in your neighborhood will be wearing clothing with a WaterOne logo.
  2. Most WaterOne employees will be driving a clearly marked WaterOne vehicle
  3. All WaterOne employees carry a photo identification card with them. The employee will be happy to show it to you.
  4. No unidentified contractor or third party affiliated with WaterOne will need to enter your home or office. WaterOne does not use contractors or third parties in that capacity.
  5. With rare exception, we will not need to enter your backyard. Almost all of our infrastructure is located in the front of the property.

If you're concerned that the individual is not a WaterOne employee, call WaterOne Customer Service at 913-895-1800 for confirmation.

If you feel your safety is threatened, call 911.