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Bulk Water Tank Inspection Form

  1. Applications must be submitted online prior to tank inspections.

    Meters are available for pickup between 9 am and 3 pm, Monday through Friday with 24 hours notice.

    If a Hydrant Meter is needed, you must fill out a Fire Hydrant Meter application.

  2. WaterOne Bulk Tank Filling Conditions
    1. All tanks must display a current inspection sticker.
    2. When filling a top fill tank with permanently mounted piping, the outlet pipe must be properly air-gapped.
    3. When a top fill tank without permanently mounted piping is filled through a hose, the hose outlet must be equipped with a permanent air gap fitting.
    4. When a tank is filled with a 1-inch or smaller hose, a hose bibb vacuum breaker must be attached to the discharge end of the hose.
    5. Bottom fill tanks must be properly equipped with an approved Reduced Pressure Assembly (RPA). The R.P.A. must be tested by a qualified tester each month with the test results sent to the Distribution Water Quality and New Service Department no later than the first working day of each month or the permit will be canceled.

    Please direct all questions regarding backflow prevention and air-gaps to the Developer Services Department at 913-895-1815.

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