The Story of Misty

Misty The Mascot with a crowd of people

Misty mascot of WaterOneMisty has traveled the world as a part of the water cycle - from cloud to raindrop to groundwater to evaporation and back to cloud status. She's traveled to WaterOne most recently on the Kansas River and what a fun float trip she's had! Misty met fish and wild game and friendly kayakers along the way!

As Misty floated by WaterOne's Kansas River Intake she decided to detour and come visit us. Misty went through WaterOne's multi-barrier treatment process. It cleaned and polished her from a muddy rain drop to a sparkly, clean water drop. She loves her new look!

Misty is passionate about drawing attention to how awesome tap water is. She's putting her passion to work as WaterOne's new Ambassador for Tap.

In her spare time, Misty enjoys water sports, watering her garden, hiking and biking near bodies of water, and cooking with water. She loves pasta! Misty loves being outside except when it rains. She's scared she'll wash away and she's so excited to stay! As long as the sun is shining and the clouds stay dry, you'll see Misty out and about around the community, often with WaterOne's Quench Buggy. Give her a big high-5 and welcome her when you see her!

Want Misty to attend your event? Email us to check her availability.