Quench Buggy

Thirsty?! Watch for WaterOne's mobile hydration station - the Quench Buggy - to make special appearances at local community events like farmers' markets and festivals around the WaterOne service area.

Do you have an event that is in need of some delicious tap water? Ditch the bottled water and promote delicious, locally-sourced tap water with the Quench Buggy! Requests for appearances are considered by event type, time commitment, and staff availability. Quench Buggy appearances are accompanied and monitored by WaterOne outreach personnel.

Quench Buggy Features

  • 300-gallon tank (serves 4,800 8 ounces (oz.) glasses of water)
  • 8 dispensary taps for cups/bottles + 8 drinking fountains, including two fountains which are accessible for youth or guests with disabilities
  • Carbon/UV filters
  • Chiller, for fresh cool water from the tap
  • A friendly, knowledgeable WaterOne outreach ambassador eager to share the value of tap water!

Ideal Matches for a Quench Buggy Appearance

  • Event must be in the WaterOne service area, or substantively serving WaterOne's customer base. See map of our service area
  • Event site must meet the following requirements:
    • Paved, level surface capable of supporting at least 6,500 lbs
    • Area must have easy access for a tow vehicle.
    • Adequate clearance around the Quench Buggy for easy access to fountains/faucets from both sides.
    • A spigot hook-up within 50 feet is preferred but not required.
    • A power source (regular outlet) is preferred within 50 feet but not required.
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