WaterOne's state-of-the-art water quality lab runs over 120,000 tests on over 18,000 water samples each year to ensure the finest water reaches our customers' taps. This includes monitoring for substances like radon.

Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas that may cause cancer, sometimes occurring in drinking water and indoor air. Some people who are exposed to radon may have an increased risk of getting cancer over the course of their lifetime, especially lung cancer.

Radon in soil under homes is the biggest source of radon in indoor air and presents a greater risk of lung cancer than radon in drinking water.

Public safety is our priority. If WaterOne detects this or any other harmful substance in the water supply, we are required by law to notify the public. To ensure we reach you with important information about water quality and your water service, sign-up for Notify JoCo.