WaterOne constantly monitors water quality. Its treatment process provides a strong barrier to algal toxins, ensuring that your water is safe to consume.

Left untreated, algae affect taste, odor, and discoloration in the water. In rare cases, contact with high concentrations of algae can be harmful to humans and pets.

WaterOne eliminates algae through a multi-barrier approach. Algae cells are settled out during pretreatment, while chemicals released by the algae are neutralized by chlorine or chlorine dioxide during treatment. The chemicals are also removed by two cycles of powdered activated carbon (PAC) addition. Before it is released into the distribution system, water is tested to ensure it meets and exceeds health, safety, and aesthetic standards.

Public safety is our priority. If WaterOne detects this or any other harmful substance in the water supply, we are required by law to notify the public. To ensure we reach you with important information about water quality and your water service, sign-up for Notify JoCo.