Standards & Specifications

  1. The terms of this Service Connection Permit shall be subject to all applicable provisions of the Rules and Regulations of WaterOne that are on file at WaterOne and incorporated by reference
  2. The Applicant will obtain the permit and pay fees required by any city, township, county, or state in order to excavate in the street, and will be responsible for all excavation and back-fill
  3. WaterOne shall own and maintain the service connection after passing final inspection
  4. The customer service line piping constructed from the terminus of the service connection to the building or premises served shall be owned and maintained by the applicant
  5. Failure of the applicant to comply with construction specifications will result in denial of future service connection permits
  6. WaterOne may refuse to accept an application for a service connection by an applicant that has any unpaid obligation due to WaterOne
  7. The water permit must available upon request at the job site before the service connection is made
  8. WaterOne personnel shall have free and unobstructed access to the water meter at any time
  9. The Service Connection Permit may be canceled and refunded or subject to change if delivery of materials and service connection installation has not been requested by the applicant within 120 days from the date of issue of a service connection permit
  10. If a partial or full refund should become necessary, the refund will be made payable to the name shown as applicant, unless directed otherwise by applicant

Applicant's Responsibility

  1. General - The applicant shall pay for all materials furnished as specified and shall perform the necessary labor to excavate the tap hole and install the new service
  2. Safety - The applicant shall call utility locates before excavation. The applicant shall excavate the tap hole according to OSHA Regulation 29 CFR XVII 1926 Subpart P - Excavations
  3. Tap and Material - The applicant must give 24-hour notice to WaterOne Monday through Friday. Only 1 inch service connection material provided by WaterOne is delivered at the job site by WaterOne. All other material must be picked up by the applicant at WaterOne's warehouse. The blue Field Water Permit must be shown to be issued material
  4. Preliminary Inspection - After installation of the new service, the applicant shall notify WaterOne for preliminary inspection. This inspection shall be made with water pressure on, the pit set, and prior to any backfill unless otherwise specified by WaterOne
  5. Backfilling - Immediately after the completion, inspection and approval of the new service, the tap hole and trench shall be backfilled to a depth of twelve inches over the top of piping with half 1/2 inch clean crushed rock. The backfill shall be tamped into place to provide a uniform bearing on the corporation stop and service connection
  6. Final Clean-up - Immediately after the completion of the work or any portion of it, the Applicant shall remove all unused material, refuse or dirt placed at the site or in the vicinity of the work and restore the site
  7. Established Yards - The applicant shall re-sod or seed established yards that have been excavated
  8. Final Inspection - Applicant must notify WaterOne for final inspection and acceptance after completion of yard grading and sodding. The meter cover shall be flush with the ground line and the meter shall be set correctly. All leveling material used for placing meter pit to grade shall be of permanent material and no timbers or wooden wedges will be allowed. If the applicant does not make corrections within 30 days of the inspection, WaterOne will make the corrections and the Applicant shall reimburse WaterOne for the costs

General Specifications

  1. Water Main: The water main is installed by WaterOne
  2. Corporation Stop: The corporation stop will be furnished and installed in the water main by WaterOne
  3. Gooseneck: On 1 inch service connections a gooseneck is to be fabricated in the service connection at the water main to provide for contraction
  4. WaterOne Service Connection:
    • All taps 1 and 1/2 inches and larger to the water main are to be five feet minimum from any pipe joint in the water main or other taps on the water main.
    • All 1" taps to the water main are to be 18 inches from any pipe joint in the water main or other taps on the water main
    • The applicant shall furnish and install Type "K" soft copper or HDPE from the corporation stop to property line with exact 42 inch depth at the meter pit. All other points shall have a minimum cover of 42 inches except for gooseneck
    • Piping shall be one continuous line with no intermediate couplings unless approved by WaterOne
    • Only compression type couplings shall be used underground
    • The piping between the water main and the meter pit shall be in line with the corporation stop and perpendicular to the main. Horizontal bends or offsets are not allowed. There minimum separation between the water service line and any other utility or sewer line shall be 3 feet, and a minimum of 10 feet of separation from any parallel sanitary sewer
  5. Meter Pit: The meter pit must be located in the public right-of-way or easement within one foot of the applicant's property line and supported by a crushed rock-fill (maximum size of 1/2 inch) or concrete blocks in line with corporation stop
  6. Meter Setter (single service) or Branch Piece (multiple service): The meter setter and/or branch piece must be centered in the meter pit so that the shut-off valve is accessible and in line with the corporation stop and 90° degrees to the main
  7. Water Meter(s): The water meter(s) shall be installed 15 to 18 inches from top of the meter register to meter pit cover
  8. Meter Pit Cover: The meter pit cover shall be flush with the ground at final grade
  9. Applicant's Service Line: The applicant must furnish and install the customer service line from the property line to the building per the building codes of the authority having jurisdiction

Final Inspection

Before completing your service installation, check/correct the following items:

  • Slope pit and lid to grade, if needed
  • Meter pit too high (cut or lower pit)
  • Meter pit too low (use extension ring) or sloped extension ring
  • Water meter too high or low in pit. Meter should be 15 to 18 inches to top of meter register below the pit lid at grade (If too deep, use re-setter. If too shallow, lower service)
  • Meter not centered in pit
  • Meter pit covered (locate, uncover, and raise to grade)
  • Meter pit is egg shaped or damaged (replace)
  • Fill in any sunken excavation around pit or service connection
  • Clean out meter pit (Couplings at both ends of setter must be visible. On 1 and 1/2 and 2 inches service, by-pass valve must be uncovered)
  • Meter leaking (Tighten couplings or if meter has frozen and broke, replace meter, and bring in old meter)
  • If touch-read meter wire is cut, replace meter on 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch; bring in old meter
  • If wrong cover, replace with WaterOne's current standard cover and ring
  • Under no circumstances shall any other equipment of any description be installed in pit
  • Cut meter wires for 1 and ½ inch service or larger, customer must bring in the meter to have register and wire assembly replaced and customer must reinstall meter

Make these and any other necessary repairs before calling for Final Inspection. A WaterOne Final Inspection and Final Approval of your service installation are required before WaterOne assumes ownership and maintenance.

General Specifications for Taps 4 Inch & Larger

Domestic & Fire Line Connections

  1. All 4 inch or larger taps are to be on morning schedule only
  2. Fire line taps will not be scheduled until written approval or exception of hydrostatic test is received from the appropriate fire district. Fax to 913-895-1826
  3. Applicant will excavate tap hole to meet these minimum specifications: 4 linear feet of water main exposed 1 foot behind, 1 foot below the main and 7 feet from front face of water main, and sloped according to OSHA Regulation 29 CFR Chapter XVIII Part 1926 Subpart P-excavation
  4. All taps to the water main are to be five feet minimum from any pipe joint in the water main or other taps on the water main
  5. If the site is not ready when the WaterOne tap crew arrives or the site does not meet WaterOne standards, the tap will be cancelled and the applicant shall reschedule with WaterOne
  6. If the contractor damages polywrap or trace wire, the contractor shall make all repairs to the polywrap or tracer wire before WaterOne will make the tap. Polywrap inspection is required prior to backfill
  7. There must be a minimum of 7 feet of Ductile Iron Pipe PC 350, or C900 PVC minimum DR18, or HDPE C906 4710 minimum DR13.5 directly out of the service valve uninterrupted before fittings, bends, or entering vault. HDPE shall be installed with an MJ adapter
  8. Ductile Iron Fire and Service lines shall be polywrapped from and including tapping valve to backflow vault or 20 feet minimum if backflow preventer device is installed more than 20 feet from the water main
  9. Valve Box Alternative. The material supplied is for a depth of main of 42 inches. If the main is more than 60 inches deep:
    • Return the lid, long top and short bottom of the standard valve box issued, to WaterOne Material Management Department for exchange
    • Material Management Department will issue alternative valve box materials (58-A valve box extension and Clay and Bailey Number 2194 lid) used with the PVC Riser pipe (Cost difference must be paid at time of exchange)
    • Valve Stem Extension
    • Riser pipe for valve box to be six inch Class 200 PVC pipe cut to fit final grade which shall be supplied by Applicant
  10. Thrust Block shall be poured behind tapping sleeve and inspected prior to backfill
  11. The contractor shall call 913-895-1805 for a preliminary inspection prior to backfilling

Questions? Call us at 913-895-1805.

Service Connections Quick Reference for HDPE

All WaterOne Service Connection Standards apply to copper and HDPE. HDPE is approved for all WaterOne service connections.

Service lines: HDPE for Service Lines shall be pigmented blue throughout.

Size StandardSize RangeMaterial Specification
CTS1 to 2 inchesAWWA C901 4710 DR9 PC250
IPS2 to 3 inchesAWWA C901 4710 DR11 PC200
IPS4 inches and largerAWWA C906 3408/4710 DR13.5 PC160

Stiffeners must be used in the ends of the HDPE.

Approved Trace Wire must be used: Number 12 AWG Copperhead Reinforced Trace Wire (blue in color).