Commercial Backflow Requirements (Cross Connection Control)

Backflow is the flow of water or other substances in the opposite direction of what is intended. For example, instead of water flowing from WaterOne's system into the home or business, water flows back to the public water system. Learn more about backflow on the Preventing Backflow page.

The following connections require a Backflow Prevention Assembly (BPA):

  • Commercial Properties
  • Dedicated Commercial Irrigation Lines
  • Fire Lines
  • Multi-Family Residential Units (four stories and greater)
  • Other connections as determined by WaterOne

To be compliant with WaterOne's Backflow Prevention requirements, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Install BPAs as required by the local adopted Plumbing Code or WaterOne's requirements for the protection of the customer's plumbing system
  2. Test backflow prevention assemblies using a certified tester:
  3. Submit completed test reports to WaterOne.

WaterOne staff will review any existing or proposed connections to the public water supply system for hazards which may require a BPA.

WaterOne's Rules and Regulations, along with State Statute, allow for the suspension of water to a premise if it poses a health risk to the public water supply.

Submitting Annual Backflow Test Reports

WaterOne will notify you when your backflow assembly is due for testing. Once it's been tested, you will need to do the following:

  1. In order to submit an annual test report, each assembly must have a notification number assigned by WaterOne. Please do not test assemblies before their assigned due date.
  2. For a list of assemblies currently due for testing, please refer to the Open Backflow Notification list.
  3. Annual test reports should be submitted via the online form whenever possible. Failure to submit using the online form may result in a delay in processing.

Please see our FAQ Document (PDF) for using the online test submission form.

Note: It is a violation of Kansas law for any person to knowingly sell, give or receive, for the purpose of selling or offering for sale any property or service to persons listed therein, any list of names and addresses contained in or derived from public records.

Test reports for New, Removed, or Replaced backflow assemblies can be submitted using the form found here and may be emailed to Department of Water Quality

To learn more, contact Department of Water Quality at 913-895-1815.