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While our thoughts are with those in Michigan and elsewhere struggling with water quality issues, we are humbled (and grateful) to be able to say that WaterOne’s customers receive high-quality, reliable water each day. We take seriously our responsibility to protect public health; our customers’ health and safety mean everything to us.

We are passionate about producing great water and we are committed to quality control above and beyond the already rigorous testing required by state and federal regulation. WaterOne samples for lead and copper three times more than is required by federal regulation in order to ensure the safety of our customers. Through continuous testing, we can be confident that any trace amounts are well within the health safety parameters established by the EPA.  WaterOne’s water quality reports are available 24/7 on our website at waterone.org/H2OReports.

There are several key advantages for water quality delivered by WaterOne. First, WaterOne has no known lead pipelines or joints in its system and most homes and buildings in our service area were developed after the era when lead plumbing was extensively used. Second, WaterOne’s accredited water quality lab samples and tests water quality continuously, with results taken from all parts of the service area. Finally, WaterOne maintains an average pH of 9.5, which is highly desirable by both tap water providers as well as bottled water packagers. It’s considered an ideal balance between hard and soft water, preventing corrosion in pipelines and service lines while being pleasant for consumer use and consumption. 

While WaterOne’s monitoring shows that lead levels are safe, there will be some variability from home to home due primarily to the materials in your home’s private service line and plumbing system such a brass and chrome-plated faucets and lead-based solder use to join copper pipe. If your home contains these materials, determine if lead is indeed present at levels of concern to you in your home by having your water tested by a state-certified laboratory. Children age six or younger and pregnant women should take special care to minimize lead exposure. Consumers who choose to use a home filter to provide additional protection against lead should make sure it is NSF-certified for that purpose and is properly maintained. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) also cautions consumers that most lead exposure comes from paint chips and dust in the home – not from drinking water. The drinking water community is committed to protecting public health.

Indeed, WaterOne is actively involved as a leader in the water industry, including in the AWWA and the Association of Metropolitan Water Associations (AMWA) which has announced their collaboration with all other nationwide water and wastewater associations on behalf of all water and wastewater utilities to offer support and guidance to Flint, MI. It is truly an unprecedented show of solidarity and the very best way that Flint can tap the resources and knowledge base of experts like those at WaterOne.

Public safety is our priority. If WaterOne detects this or any other harmful substance in the water supply, we are required by law to notify the public. To ensure we reach you with important information about water quality and your water service, sign-up for Notify JoCo.