Fast Fact

The first water pipes in the US were made of fire charred logs. Today, WaterOne pipe is made of high-grade PVC certified for potable water use. 

Don't flush prescriptions!

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Protecting the quality of raw water is good for everyone, upstream and down. Help protect water quality by not flushing pharmaceutical products down the toilet.

Is my water safe to drink?
Yes. WaterOne meets and exceeds all state and federal standards for pure drinking water. Although our advanced technology is able to detect more substances at lower levels than ever before, the leading research has shown no health effects from prescription and endocrine disrupting compounds in drinking water. Research continues as the water community remains committed to protecting public safety.

So, what’s the concern?
Although research has not demonstrated human health effects from these compounds, it reminds us of how precious our source waters are and the need to protect them. The best, most cost-effective way to ensure water safety is to keep our source waters clean. As a common sense precaution, the Office of National Drug Control Policy discourages flushing prescriptions down the toilet unless there’s information enclosed with it specifically saying it’s safe to do so.

What should I do instead of flushing them?
Many cities periodically offer Prescription Drug Take-Back events, no questions asked. Store prescriptions in a secure place, clearly labeled and watch for upcoming drop-offs in your city or nearby. Whenever possilble, we feature drop-off event information on our Facebook and Twitter.

Is bottled water safer?

A number of bottled water companies use tap water as their source because it's a great-tasting, economical, reliable source. However, bottled water is not currently as closely regulated or tested as tap water. Bottled water is regulated through the Food and Drug Administration; it’s considered a food product. Water utilities are required to publish information on their water quality; bottled water companies are not.

Find adrop-off location for prescription drugs.