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WaterOne Goal #4: Ensure financial stability and predictable rates. 

Submitting Your Request for Main Extensions

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Submit the following to:

Kiel Johnson
Developer Services Manager
Phone: 913/895-5767

Plans for review may be submitted on a disc or by email to Digital files submitted via email must not exceed 30 mb.  For IT security reasons, WaterOne cannot accept zip files or files via external download links such as Dropbox. Plans should not be submitted until after the first round of City and Sanitary Sewer comments have been addressed.

Please include the following information:

  1. Name, mailing address, telephone numbers, and email of the developer/property owner. If the property owner is not an individual, include the type of legal entity, name and title of authorized agent, and contact information. Click Here for a main extension application
    • If the Petitioner is someone other than the property owner, provide similar information as indicated for the developer/property owner.
  2. Name and title of person(s) authorized to sign the easement document.
  3. The minimum total fire flow required by the appropriate fire jurisdiction.
  4. Site geotechnical information, if any.
  5. A digital file of the final plat (PDF and AutoCAD DWG formats) to be recorded or as already recorded with the office of the Records and Tax Administration or certificate of survey with legal description conforming to the Digital Drawing Specifications for subdivision plats submitted within Johnson County.
  6. AutoCAD DWG basemap of existing facilities and proposed improvements
    • Please include the design coordinate system, if known.
  7. Complete sanitary sewer plan and profile set in PDF format that has been reviewed by the wastewater authority
  8. Complete civil design set in PDF format that has been reviewed by city engineering staff which includes the following:
    • Overall site plan and proposed utility plan
    • Street, sanitary sewer and storm sewer plans, including plan-profiles and cross-sections.
    • Future phases of development and anticipated sequence of construction (if available)
    • Grading plans
    • Landscaping plans, including any entrance markers or monuments
    • Erosion and sediment control plans
    • For commercial or multi-family developments, the desired location of fire department connections, fire line vaults, meter vaults/pits, and backflow vaults and/or interior mechanical rooms
    • All existing utilities. Minimum SUE level D (Refer to Construction Institute/American Society of Civil Engineers publication 38-02, Standard Guidelines for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data).

NOTE: If all existing utilities are not shown, the design and estimate could be adversely affected. Additionally, the excavation permit could be delayed by the municipality with jurisdiction, impacting construction scheduling. Projects cannot be scheduled until WaterOne has received a full set of Civil plans that have been signed and sealed.