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Water is circulation: Water makes up 83% of our blood. 

Site Requirements for Main Extensions

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Call 913/895-5779 to coordinate scheduling of main extensions.

Main Extension Installation
The following site conditions must be established prior to the installation of water mains:

  • Residential and commercial projects require all sanitary and storm sewers to be in place. The water main will be given priority for installation before all other underground utilities are installed.
  • Where the water main is to be installed back of curb, all curbs and pavement must be in place with curbs notched with property line locations prior to scheduling the water main installation. The ground surface within the proposed water main alignment must be within 6 inches of final grade.
  • Where the water main is under paving, ground surface must be within 6 inches of final grade. All surface obstructions, such as construction materials and equipment, within the construction zone of the water main alignment must be removed.

Street Crossings Before Water Main Construction Begins
For residential and commercial projects where the developer wants the pipe to be installed across the proposed streets prior to curbs and paving (street crossings), call 913/ 895-5779 to schedule street crossings after the sanitary and storm sewers are installed and subgrade elevation is established.

Street crossing installation will require the developer to furnish appropriate grade and alignment stakes.