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Main Extensions

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WaterOne provides the design, cost estimate, and installation of all new water mains for development. All water mains must be installed by WaterOne or its contractor. Anyone requiring a water main extension or upgrade must enter into a Main Extension and Petition Agreement with WaterOne prior to installation.

Types of Main Extension Agreements

Nonrefunding Main Extension Agreements are typically used for water mains to be installed within the interior of a subdivision or development. The cost of the water main extension is not refundable to the Petitioner.

Benefit Area Main Extension Agreements may be used for water mains which are installed to serve the Petitioner’s property and can also serve property other than that owned by the Petitioner. The cost of the water main extension is prorated, typically based on the property footage adjacent to the new water main extension. A share of the cost can be collected from other property owners, based on front footage, as other property owners connect, directly or indirectly, to the water main. Footage charges collected will then be refunded to the Petitioner. Refund Area Agreements will terminate after a maximum of 20 years.

The Main Extension Process

It is WaterOne’s goal to complete Water Main Extension designs, including a cost estimate, and to forward agreement documents and easement documents (when needed) to the Petitioner within 60 days of receipt of all information. 

Benefit Area Water Main Extensions typically take an additional 30 days to complete, and involve another 30 days notification period to affected landowners. 

After all documents have been executed by the Petitioner and an appropriate deposit of the estimated cost of the water main extension with WaterOne in the form of a check or letter of credit is provided to WaterOne, construction can typically be scheduled to begin within 30 to 45 days. Before a project can be scheduled, WaterOne must have a signed and sealed set of Civil plans. Upon completion of the water main extension, WaterOne will determine the final cost of construction and invoice or refund the Petitioner accordingly.

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