Fast Fact

WaterOne is an independent, non-profit public water utility serving over 400,000 people in the Johnson County area.

Welcome Guide for New Customers

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WaterOne is proud to be your local water provider. We’re an independent non-profit water utility focused on making exceptional water. Check out our latest water quality report.

In addition to great water quality, as a WaterOne customer you’ll enjoy great reliability. We draw our water from the Kansas and Missouri Rivers, so our customers gain advantages from having multiple water sources. We have less vulnerability during drought and an ample supply of fresh water.

And we do all that at a great value. WaterOne customers enjoy some of the lowest water rates compared to neighboring utilities.

Great water. Great service. Great value.

How often am I billed?
If you’re a single family residence, we bill you bi-monthly for a total of six bills in a calendar year. All other accounts are billed monthly.

Do you offer paperless billing?
Yes, we do. Learn more here.

Where can I pay my bill?
Check out our ways to pay here.

Does my bill include trash or sewer fees?
No, just water. WaterOne is a “water-only” water utility. You will need to contact Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) to establish your sewer services. WaterOne is not affiliated with JCW. You will receive a separate bill from JCW for wastewater. If you have questions about your wastewater bill, call JCW at 913/715-8590.

Emergency Alerts
Don’t forget to sign-up for Notify JoCo, our emergency alert service. In case of a water emergency, we’ll try to contact you by phone, text, or email. Going the extra mile is something our customers have come to expect from WaterOne.

Sprinklers and Sod
New to the Midwest? Is this the first time you've had a sprinkler system or the first time you're laying sod? Some customers have questions about what kind of water usage to expect, especially if outdoor watering is new for them. Give us a call as you consider your outdoor landscaping options. We may be able to provide important information on estimated water usage looking at the property's past history or the surrounding neighborhood.  

Learn more about your bill, rates, and other FAQs.