Account Privacy

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What is personal information?

Personal information may include such information as your name, e-mail address, mailing address, billing data and history, payment history, funding account information, account login and other information about you collected electronically, in person or by telephone.

How is personal information used and disclosed?

  • To establish and provide ongoing service
  • To verify identity and protect against error or fraud
  • To manage invoicing and accounting services

How is personal information protected?

Employee access to personal information is limited to those who require access to perform their assigned duties.  WaterOne enforces with its employees the responsibility to protect personal information.

Customers whose names appear on the account are permitted to access account information concerning them that is held by WaterOne and to have it corrected if possible. Customers are encouraged to provide WaterOne with any changes to their personal information to ensure that the personal information maintained by WaterOne is accurate and complete.

WaterOne reserves the right to deny access to account information to persons who are not listed on the account. Secondary names on the account can only be added by the account holder.