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WaterOne has been proudly serving the Johnson County area since 1957. Thank you for the opportunity to be your water provider.

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Customer Guide

Billing Cycle
- Single family residential customers are billed every 2 months.
- Multi-family residential and commercial customers are billed monthly.

Due Dates
Payment is due 21 days after the billing date, as given on the bill. It is your responsibility to ensure that payment is received by the due date. View our past due payment policy.

Average Winter Consumption (AWC) 
AWC is your daily average usage based on meter readings taken January through April of each year. AWC is used to determine block 1 and block 2 usage on your bill.

When calculating your block usage, you are given the benefit of the higher of two figures:

  1. Your own AWC; or
  2. The district default.

Each customer classification (Residential, Commercial, Multi-Family) has its own AWC default. The district defaults are calculated using the average of the preceding five year’s usage for each classification.

Block Billing
Our goal is to ensure water is available each time a faucet is turned on or a toilet flushed.

Block billing was put in place as a conservation measure to help reduce peak demand that occurs every year during the summer months. By reducing peak demand we are easing the pressure on the water distribution system. If we are able to reduce the pressure on our existing pipes, expansion due to high usage may be delayed. The block 2 rate is an equitable way of recovering expansion costs due to high usage. The Block 1 rate is applied to usage up to and including 125% of the AWC used for billing. The Block 2 rate is applied to all usage in excess of 125% of the AWC used for billing. 

Learn more about Rates & Charges.

Johnson County Wastewater (JCW)
JCW is an separate utility from WaterOne. JCW provides sewer treatment services under the administration of Johnson County government, whereas WaterOne is an independent water utility. Contact Johnson County Wastewater for all questions about sewer service and billing. JCW does use water consumption information provided by WaterOne to calculate your sewer bill. You will receive a separate bill from JCW for wastewater. If you have questions about your wastewater (sewer) bill or how it was calculated, call JCW at 913/715-8590.