Ozone Treatment Facilities

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Project Update
Project Phase Under Construction
Construction Begins December 2017
Construction Ends Summer 2020
Estimated Cost $35.8M
94% Complete


WaterOne Ozone - Lockup-01

Project Description

Ozone Generator Building

As part of a forward-looking approach to the future of water treatment, WaterOne is constructing ozone water treatment facilities at Hansen Treatment Plant. The ozone treatment process will become the primary means of disinfection at Hansen Treatment Plant. Ozone is a powerful natural disinfectant and will offer more effective treatment for bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals, and taste and odor compounds in the source water. Integrating ozone into the water treatment process will make WaterOne's operations more efficient by eliminating, reducing, or simplifying water treatment chemicals and processes.

The ozone treatment facilities project was first planned in 2013, and funding was secured through a competitive bond sale in October 2017. The project bid was awarded to Garney Construction at a cost of $35.8 million, and ground was broken in December 2017. Construction is expected to be completed by summer 2020.

This infographic shows how ozone will become part of WaterOne’s water treatment process at Hansen Treatment Plant.

Water Treatment - Ozone
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Project Contacts

Brian Robinett, WaterOne Project Engineer

Austin Taulbee, WaterOne Project Engineer


Video Progress Report