NWRPA Elevated Tank

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WaterOne Project Manager
Brian Robinett
(913) 895-5824

COST: $6.65 million
PROJECT PHASE: Under Construction

Project Description

Lackman Water Tower

    The new tower is a Composite Elevated Tank design, similar to other WaterOne elevated tanks in the service area.

To address customer demand needs identified in WaterOne’s 2015 Master Plan Update, WaterOne is constructing a 3-million-gallon elevated tank (water tower) in Shawnee, KS. The elevated tank will help meet future service needs due to robust growth in the Northwest Reduced Pressure Area (NWRPA), a section of WaterOne’s distribution system that includes the city of Shawnee, KS and northwestern Johnson County. Construction of the new tank will ensure consistent water pressure throughout the NWRPA, improve distribution system efficiency during periods of peak demand, and continue to guarantee the highest level of fire protection for WaterOne customers.

The new tower will resemble existing WaterOne elevated tanks located at 107th & Renner and 199th & Lackman. The design features a 36’ concrete pedestal, which supports a steel tank bowl measuring 116’ in diameter. The height of the elevated tank will be roughly 110’ feet when complete. As part of a siting study, 9 potential locations were evaluated. Based on the results of the study, WaterOne entered into an agreement with the City of Shawnee to locate the tower at the Shawnee Public Works Service Center at 18690 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, Kansas.

Construction of the tank was awarded via competitive bid to Caldwell Tanks, Inc. of Louisville, KY. Black & Veatch is the project consultant and will provide engineering services through the construction phase. Work began in September 2018 and is expected to conclude by May 2020. Construction of the elevated tank will have no adverse impact to water service for residents nearby or in any other part of the system.

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