Quench Buggy

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Quench BuggyWaterOne has acquired a mobile hydration station to deliver our high-quality H2O to our community during events and in times of an emergency. Do you have an event in your neighborhood that is need of some delicious tap water? See the requirements and FAQ’s below and contact us to request our Quench Buggy at your event!

Requirements for WaterOne Quench Buggy

  • The event must be in the WaterOne service area. See map of our service area here.
  • Event site must meet the following requirements:
    • If the trailer is parked on a paved surface, it must be able to support at least 6,500 lbs.
    • Station must be parked on a level surface.
    • Area must have easy access for a tow vehicle.
    • Adequate clearance around the water station for easy access to fountains/faucets.
    • A spigot hook-up within 50 feet is preferred but not required.


  • Is the water chilled?
    • Yes! Our WaterOne Quench Buggy comes with a chiller.
  • Does the Quench Buggy require electricity?
    • We have a generator, but on-site electricity would be preferred.
  • Is there a fee to rent the Quench Buggy?
    • No! It is free of charge.
  • Is the water inside the unit safe?
    • Water inside the Quench Buggy is directly from WaterOne and passes all regulatory standards. The unit also comes with a UV filter to ensure safety on-site. The unit is cleaned and sanitized after each event by our trained lab staff.
  • Will the Quench Buggy come with an attendee?
    • Yes. A trained WaterOne employee will accompany the Quench Buggy during the event.
  • Will there be cups available?
    • Yes, WaterOne will provide small 7 oz. compostable cups for the event.
  • Are reusable water bottles handed out at events?
    • Depending on the size of the event, as well as availability of our bottles, we can bring a limited supply of our Nalgene “I Love Tap” water bottle upon request.


Contact Kelly Fry at kfry@waterone.org for more information about booking the WaterOne Quench Buggy.