Fast Fact

WaterOne draws its water from the Kansas and Missouri rivers.

WaterOne + The Environment

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Going green for a blue planet 

Stewardship is a big deal at WaterOne, whether it’s using money wisely, taking care of our infrastructure, or being a friend to the environment.

Sustainability in practice

Kansas River Clean-up

Peak Management Rates: Our rate structure incents water conservation 365 days a year. WaterOne was among the first water providers in the nation to implement this progressive rate structure.

Conservation and education programs: WaterOne speakers and community events provide information on water conservation, xeriscaping, rain barrels, and wise water use.

Fleet improvements: WaterOne’s Networkfleet program remotely monitors the driving habits of our employee drivers. We use that data to train WaterOne drivers and hold them accountable for energy efficient driving practices, such as gradual acceleration and deceleration and following the speed limit. WaterOne also has a no idling policy to save on fuel and emissions. 

We've also introduced a "Right Size the Fleet" initiative that has reduced the carbon footprint of our vehicle fleet and saved on fuel costs without reducing service to our customers.

Green software: WaterOne chooses to purchase energy saving software.

Recycling: WaterOne makes office waste recycling available to every employee. During the course of business, we also recycle our electronics, motor oil, yard waste, tires, and ink/toners on site. 

Plant and Facility Designs: WaterOne takes energy efficiency into account for each building and facility design. WaterOne's fleet department recently created an environmentally friendly car wash system for fleet maintenance - another little step towards a big difference.

Synchronized work: Whenever possible, WaterOne coordinates its infrastructure work with city public works projects to avoid additional equipment time, reduce fossil emissions, and minimize disruption for residents.

Smart Watering: WaterOne encourages customers to balance peak demand and lower power requirements for water treatment by watering outdoors on an alternating day schedule based on house number.

Acoustic Leak Detection: Water service technicians can listen for the characteristic "hiss" and "whoosh" of a break in pressurized pipes, allowing us to locate the source of leaks more quickly and dig more precisely.

Data-driven Water Audits: Our data analysis strives to identify sizable leaks by examining water records, estimating losses, and cross-checking unusual readings. 

Partner with river allies: WaterOne works hand-in-hand with Friends of the Kaw and Missouri River Relief to cross-promote river water quality messages, engage employees in river clean-ups, and participate in float trips designed to create appreciation for our natural water resources.

Green business recognition: WaterOne has been honored for its commitment to sustainable utility management. We've been recognized multiple times with Johnson County environmental awards for our green business practices, and were presented with the prestigious AMWA Sustainability Award for WaterOne's innovative economic, social, and environmental efforts.



What Can YOU Do?

At WaterOne, we educate our customers on water use so they can make common sense decisions 365 days a year.