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You can follow the Smart Watering pattern no matter where you live in WaterOne's service area.

WaterOne Requests Alternate Day Watering in South Service Area

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WaterOne is experiencing very high usage from its “South Booster” system in its southern service area during the morning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

SouthBoosterMapFINALAlthough WaterOne is producing enough water to supply this area under normal conditions, the extreme demand from 5-7 am on these days is drawing down storage levels and maxing out distribution capacity faster than our reservoirs in the “South Booster” area can recover.













Without cooperative action, this could cause low pressure problems in the South Booster and affect our ability to retain water reserves for fire suppression, if needed. We are asking customers in this area to alternate outdoor watering based on their house number until further notice. 

This is not yet a restriction.

Customers can continue to use as much water as they need. We are asking for affected customers’ voluntary cooperation to help WaterOne balance out demand by alternating the days of the week they water. With customers’ help in the “South Booster” area, we can continue meeting their water needs both indoors and outdoors as well as maintain water reserves for public safety.  

SmartWatering WaterSchedule

No other area of WaterOne’s service district is affected.

We want to assure you that we are making improvements to alleviate future issues. 

· Last fall, we completed the Nall Avenue Pumping Station & Reservoir at Nall Avenue & 147th Street. At an investment of $18.6 million, this facility is designed to push water into the southern service area. 
· We are currently in the design phase for an $82.5 million reservoir, pumping station, and transmission main near Hedge Lane & 159th Street that will also supply the southern service area.

To receive water alerts like this directly, sign up for Notify JoCo. Notify JoCo is a FREE emergency alert service provided by WaterOne and its partnership of local governments and public utilities.

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