About WaterOne and HomeServe

As a homeowner, you may be unaware that you are responsible for repairs to the water service line on your property. Repairs can be expensive and are not typically covered by homeowners insurance. 

WaterOne believes that a partnership with HomeServe adds value by offering customers an optional, yet affordable Water Service Line Protection Plan that provides protection against costly and inconvenient repairs.

For more information on this optional service, visit HomeServe's website for WaterOne customers.

Opt Out 

Can I choose to opt out from HomeServe mailings? Yes, if you would prefer not to receive solicitations:

  • Please call 1-855-852-0141
  • Or email wateronewebinfo@homeserveusa.com
    • Write “Opt-Out” in the Subject Line
    • Include your billing address in the body of the email

PLEASE NOTE: This opt out is to stop receiving mailings from HomeServe only. If you wish to change the terms of your HomeServe service, contact HomeServe Customer Service. If you wish to stop mailings from other home warranty providers, you will need to follow-up with them separately; they are not affiliated with HomeServe or WaterOne.

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Why did WaterOne choose to partner with HomeServe? WaterOne chose to partner with HomeServe because we wanted to educate customers about their responsibility for service lines and provide them with a low-cost warranty option.

It was also an opportunity to take some control over the aggressive marketing tactics this industry has a track record of using. By partnering with HomeServe, WaterOne has negotiated the best deal for our customers and has approval rights over all HomeServe marketing materials in our service area.

Why did WaterOne select HomeServe? WaterOne selected HomeServe after a competitive Request For Proposal (RFP) process which closely considered the terms of service, cost, and references of HomeServe and its competitors.

HomeServe offered the lowest price, covered landscape replacement, vetted qualified local contractors, and had good references. It has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau with over 1,000,000 customers nationally and so far over 20,000 customers locally.  

How much does it cost and is WaterOne being compensated to recommend HomeServe? HomeServe's water line coverage costs $3.99/month. WaterOne chose to accept a 6% commission from each water line policy sold. That percentage comes out of HomeServe's share; it is not an expense passed along to our customers. However, that money goes back to benefit all of WaterOne's customers. As a non-profit water utility, WaterOne is proud to put that money towards a good cause. 

Part of the money we’ll use to offset uncollected bad debts, which reduces rate pressure and benefits all customers. The rest, we pay it forward … We’re proud to have a partnership with the Utility Assistance Program run by Johnson County Human Services. This well-regarded charitable program helps individuals and families in temporary need of assistance.  

Furthermore, WaterOne’s time and incidental costs in partnering with HomeServe are self-supporting; WaterOne ratepayers don’t subsidize it.

Does HomeServe offer other home warranty services? Does WaterOne endorse those too? HomeServe offers a full line of home warranty services. In courtesy to other public utility providers, WaterOne is partnered with HomeServe to only endorse its water line protection plan at this time. To find out more about HomeServe's other protection plans, visit www.homeserveusa.com.

Is WaterOne affiliated with any other companies offering waterline warranties? No, WaterOne is exclusively partnered with HomeServe. There are several competing national companies who provide home warranty products. Before selecting a warranty partner, WaterOne evaluated and screened the three major providers and felt that HomeServe was the best fit for us and our customers.

Customers are free to select any warranty provider they wish, or none at all. We simply vouch for HomeServe and because of the relationship we have with them, we can offer our customers greater accountability and responsiveness should there be an issue with which we can help.

HomeServe's competitors have periodically continued to mail solicitations in this area using WaterOne's name, as they did prior to WaterOne's partnership with HomeServe. WaterOne is not affiliated with any other company. As with any optional service, we encourage you to consider all the information available and make the best choice for yourself.