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Replacements and Improvements - Pumps, Instruments etc.

  • RFP Number:AC-16005 et al.
  • Start Date:04/23/2016
  • Close Date:05/19/2016 4:00 PM


The Bid is to provide various replacements and improvements on certain pumps, instruments and systems.  This collection of jobs will be referred to as "Job Nos. AC-16005 et al:

  • Job No. AC-16005 - Washwater Return Pumps/AFD Replacments, includes the installation of new ABB adjustable frequency drives on the six Facility 2 Washwater Return Pumps; 
  • Job No. AC-16042 - Residuals Building Instrumentation, provides for improvements in the automated systems that monitor and protect the residuals wetwell levels at the Hansen Treatment Plant; 
  • Job No. AC-16048 - Hansen Chlorine System Improvements, incorporates improvements to the chlorine feed system which include the installation of six new chlorine evaporators, configuration of an automated ton container switchover and the ability to remotely place the system in a standby mode during daily flow changes; 
  • Job No. AC-16049 - Filter Valve Control Replacement, provides for the replacement of the electronic controls on 28 filter effluent valves at Facility 1 and 2 that are no longer serviceable; 
  • Job No. AC-16051 - Facility 2 North Chlorine Scrubber Replacement, includes  the installation of a dry type chlorine scrubber at Facility 2 North.



  • Date Open: April 23rd, 2016
  • Date Closed:  May 19th, 2016 by 4:00 pm


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