How do I enroll?

Enrollment is easy! You'll need your WaterOne account number and your 5 digit billing zip code. To speed up the process, know what username and password you want to use.

If you plan to make Self-Managed Direct Debit payments through your paperless billing profile, you will need the routing and account numbers for the bank account you'll use. This information can be securely stored in your profile. Payments made through your paperless billing profile do not carry a processing fee.

See instructions for Paperless Billing Enrollment (PDF)

Note: You must wait until the following business day before enrolling.

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1. How do I enroll?
2. When will my new User ID and password be activated?
3. How do I enroll additional accounts?
4. When can I start making payments through my paperless billing profile?
5. Will I continue to receive a paper bill in the mail?
6. How do I cancel my paperless billing enrollment?