What time of day will crews come? Will they work holidays and weekends?

Our installation contractor will work within typical business hours, early morning to early evening. During hot weather, they may start and stop earlier in the day to work more safely in the heat. They will work most Saturdays and some holidays. Their work will not interrupt your water service, if you are receiving just the reporting device addition to your existing water meter. Utiliuse will provide notification to any customer who will receive a new meter and have service interrupted, generally for about 15 minutes. For the vast majority of customers, this change-over will be invisible.

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1. What is AMI?
2. What do I need to do?
3. What does this project entail?
4. When will the project occur?
5. How will this project affect me, the customer?
6. Why is WaterOne doing this project?
7. Who will be installing the project?
8. Where will the technology be deployed?
9. How will I be affected by this project?
10. Will my bill go up because of AMI?
11. What time of day will crews come? Will they work holidays and weekends?
12. How will WaterOne control and regulate private contractors that are paid to do the installation?
13. If my property is damaged during AMI installation, who covers the cost of the damages?
14. What is WaterOne’s policy regarding privacy and data gathered from the metering system?
15. Will WaterOne be able to control my consumption like the electric company’s smart thermostats?
16. Should I be worried about privacy concerns?
17. How will the project impact WaterOne personnel?
18. Are there negative health effects as a result of remote metering systems?
19. Can I opt out of this upgrade?
20. Who do I contact for more info?