What’s this “Field Charge” on my bill?

If your account is past due, we assess a $25 fee each time a trip is made to your address. That's our real cost for sending a person in a vehicle to your place to turn off/turn on water. We thought it was fair that those who require this pay for it, rather than all customers subsidizing it with higher rates.

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3. What do I do if there is a water emergency?
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12. My bill includes a Kansas Water Plan charge. What does this pay for?
13. What’s this Block 2 charge on my bill?
14. What’s this “Field Charge” on my bill?
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17. Can I see my account history or water use?
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22. Why do water bill payments go to a P.O. Box in Missouri?
23. Can I get assistance with paying my bill?
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33. Since when have property owners been responsible for the service line?
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36. How do I treat the water for my fish?
37. Is it okay to drink hot water?
38. Why do you charge for water when it is free in the river?
39. Why do I have pay the same rate for water outdoors and indoors, since my outdoor water doesn’t need to be treated?
40. Will WaterOne sponsor my event?
41. Does WaterOne give tours?
42. How is WaterOne involved in fire protection?
43. Does WaterOne guarantee service to customers requiring water for a medical need, such as dialysis centers or dialysis patients’ homes?