Pipeline Project - 199th Street, Quivira to Metcalf - Completed January 2016

WaterOne Project Manager

Josh Vincent
Phone: 913-895-5766

Project Description

In order to strengthen our infrastructure in our southern service area, we are installing a 20-inch main (pipeline) along 199th Street from Quivira to Metcalf. Once completed, the project will improve reliability of water supply in southern Johnson County by improving the flow between WaterOne's elevated tank at 199th Street and Lackman and WaterOne's pump station at 211th Street and Metcalf.

There should be minimal disruption in the area during the installation of the new mains, but we will make an effort to give customers advance notice of service interruptions through Notify JoCo. To ensure that we can reach you with water alerts, sign-up at NotifyJoCo and customize your contact preferences by tagging locations of your home, work, school, etc. If you need assistance signing-up for NotifyJoCo, contact 913-826-5555.

Project Update

  • Project Phase: In Construction
  • Construction Start: Spring 2015
  • Construction End: January 2016
  • Cost: $3.0 million

Pipeline Project - 199th Street from Quivira to Metcalf