Hedge Lane Pipeline, Pump Station & Reservoir - Completed March 2016

Ralph G. Wyss Pipeline, Pump Station and ReservoirProject Contacts


Charlie Sievert, Black and Veatch Engineer
Phone: 913-314-0225

Jon Shellhorn, Black and Veatch Engineer
Phone: 913-458-1565

Pump Station & Reservoir

Brian Robinett, WaterOne Project Engineer
Phone: 913-895-5824

Jim Winger, Black and Veatch Engineer
Phone: 913-458-3484


View the Project FAQ (PDF).

Project Description

As our service area continues to grow, we plan proactively to meet customer needs. Southern Johnson County continues to be a robust area for growth, and with its distance from our water supply (approximately 20 miles) it is necessary to install the extra muscle and storage capacity that a localized pump station and reservoir provides.

The Ralph G. Wyss Pump Station, Reservoir, and Pipeline project (formerly referred to as Hedge Lane) entails construction of over 13 miles of buried pipeline, a 7.5 million gallon buried reservoir the size of a football field, and pump station. The pump station and reservoir are located near Hedge Lane and 159th Street in the rural countryside.

The pipeline will be installed along Hedge Lane from Highway K-10 south to 175th Street and along 175th Street from Hedge Lane to Ridgeview Road. The pipeline ranges from 42 inches to 60 inches in diameter. With the permission of the City of Olathe, the pipeline runs through city boundaries in order to connect northern and southern parts of our service area. This does not change or otherwise affect water service to Olathe water customers. The pipeline portion of the project will be done by early 2016; however, work near some residential neighborhoods may be completed sooner.

How will this affect me? We strive to minimize inconvenience during the project. Construction and clean-up will be completed as quickly as possible. Detours for traffic may be required. Please watch for signage in your area. Properties directly adjacent to the project have already been notified and provided with information regarding lawn restoration and other impacts.

Project Update

  • Project Phase: Complete
  • Construction Begins: Spring 2014
  • Construction Ends: Spring 2016
  • Estimated Cost: $65 million

Special Update: Wyss Pump Station Goes Into Service

February 23rd, 2016 - We are pleased to announce that over the next few weeks we are bringing our new pump station at Hedge Lane into service. As you may recall from the informational letter and brochure we sent several months ago, this new facility serves your area and ensures pressure and reliability for the future. As we bring it online, our goal is to do so without disruption to our customers but it is possible you might experience temporary flux in pressure or brief service outage. It is also possible that the water may temporarily appear cloudy. If so, we want to assure you that the water continues to be perfectly safe; this temporary affect will subside. We will do everything we can to prevent or minimize such inconveniences and will provide follow-up communication, if necessary. If you should have concerns or questions please call WaterOne Customer Care at 913-895-1800.

If you do not already have a pressure reducing valve (also known as a PRV) installed on your internal plumbing system, we encourage you to consider whether a PRV would be beneficial to equalize incoming water pressure to your home plumbing. More information on PRVs can be found on our Water Pressure page. We're proud to be your water provider and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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