Kansas River Erosion Control

WaterOne Project Manager

Brian Robinett
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WaterOne Project Engineer

Luke Kreimer
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Project Description

Update - June 2018: Due to the contractor's diligence, coordination with permitting agencies, and favorable river conditions, the project was completed ahead of schedule in June 2018. The portage on the north bank of the Kansas River is currently open for kayakers and paddle sports enthusiasts to bypass the weir.

Kansas River Erosion Control

WaterOne is working to restore the channel on a section of the Kansas River east of its cofferdam weir near I435 and Holliday Drive. The project consists of excavating the center channel and using the material to reinforce the north bank, which has experienced severe erosion as conditions on the river change over time. A "bendway weir" will also be constructed on the north bank to help divert the river back towards the middle of the natural channel.

This project represents both a forward-looking investment in WaterOne's infrastructure and a commitment to protecting the health of our natural resources. Efforts and precautions have been taken to mitigate the environmental impact of the project. Turbidity screens have been installed to keep water around the operations from becoming excessively muddied, and a protected "fish-ladder" structure incorporated into the area will allow wildlife to continue to move freely.

WaterOne's cofferdam weir on the Kansas River was constructed in 2009 to direct a sufficient flow of water to its intake under low-flow conditions. The weir is private property and public access to the structure is prohibited. A short portage on the north bank is available for kayakers and paddle sports enthusiasts to bypass the weir, which will continue to be open throughout construction.

Project Update

  • Project Phase: Under Construction
  • Construction Begins: February 2018
  • Construction Ends: June 2018
  • Estimated Cost: $3.1M