Crouthers Pump Station Improvements - Completed Spring 2013

WaterOne is committed to investing in its infrastructure, averaging investments of $30 million per year in infrastructure improvements over the last 15 years. Crouthers Pump Station and Reservoir has not only been a key component of our infrastructure for the last 50 years, it's also a little sentimental. It was the first such facility WaterOne built after incorporating in 1957.

Crouthers pump station has been a reliable faithful facility throughout the years, even as the district's grown from providing a 5 million gallon per day (MGD) capacity to a 200 MGD capacity. Yet, as the Crouthers Reservoir neared the end of its useful life, WaterOne prepared plans for its replacement.

In the spring of 2013, WaterOne's contractors dismantled the original 1961 structure and stood up prestressed concrete panels to form a replacement reservoir on site. The materials selected will prolong the life of the structure by reducing degradation in the future. The project also replaced the pumps, motors, electrical, and lighting as well as upgraded instrumentation and controls.

The new pump station is state-of-the-art once again, continuing to supply the transmission power to push water into the heart of Johnson County.

During construction, the adjacent neighborhood ball fields were impacted as a stage site for materials. WaterOne re-seeded the ball fields, but kept them cordoned off to allow the grass to take root. The fields will be ready for play by Spring 2014. Thank you for your patience.

Project Update

  • Construction Start: Fall 2012
  • Construction End: Spring 2013
  • Cost: $3 million
  • Project Phase: Completed

Crouthers Pump Station Improvements