199th & Lackman Elevated Tank

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Project Description

199th and Lackman Elevated Tanks

  • The new tower is a Composite Elevated Tank design, and will be constructed adjacent to WaterOne's current tower at 199th and Lackman.

To address customer demand needs identified in WaterOne's 2015 Master Plan Update, WaterOne is constructing an elevated tank (water tower) in Spring Hill, KS. The elevated tank will help meet future service needs due to robust growth in this section of WaterOne's distribution system. Construction of the new tank will ensure consistent water pressure, improve distribution system efficiency during periods of peak demand, and continue to guarantee the highest level of fire protection for WaterOne customers.

The new tower will be constructed adjacent to the existing WaterOne elevated tank at 199th and Lackman. Work is expected to begin in Winter 2020 and be completed by Summer 2021. Construction of the elevated tank will have no adverse impact to water service for residents nearby or in any other part of the system.

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Project Update

  • Construction Start: Winter 2020
  • Construction End: Summer 2021
  • Cost: $4.4 Million
  • Project Phase: Complete