Smart Watering

Smart Watering means watering on certain days of the week based on your house number. It helps us save power, run our system greener, and may improve pressure depending on your neighborhood.


Smart Watering is our effort to help the water system run greener, cheaper, and better by educating customers on the timing of outdoor watering. By watering on the right days, you can help us use less electricity, prolong the life of the water system, and maybe even improve pressure in your neighborhood.

Most homeowners water their lawns on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday out of habit. But if everybody waters at the same time, it creates a "traffic jam" inside the water system. Like gunning the engine of your car, this "gun it" demand adds wear-and-tear, costs more to run, and affects pressure in certain areas.

If you live in an even number house, water Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you live in an odd number house, water Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekend.

Water any time of day. As much as you need. No restrictions.

We are fortunate to have a stable and plentiful water supply. If we can smooth out the demand for outdoor watering evenly throughout the week, we can prolong the life of the water system, run it more efficiently, and get more value from it. Will you do your part?

Thank you to the League of Women Voters of Johnson County for its outreach efforts in support of Smart Watering.

Programming Your Sprinklers

If you have an irrigation system, please take a few moments to reprogram the controller. For assistance with reprogramming, visit the manufacturer’s website. 


  • Does Smart Watering restrict my water use?
  • Are you asking me to conserve water?
  • Will this save me money on my water bill?
  • Will this improve pressure in my house?
  • Are there restrictions if I don't follow Smart Watering?